Italian point of view

StudioCentroVeneto is the only Italian partner in this project: As all other partners know, in Italy there is no Certification body able to validate and certificate skills and abilities of a sound technician and the whole labour market is not well regulated. Everything seems to be uncertain and vague.

We are encountering difficulties with the classification of the training courses associated to this particular professional figure and with the research of shared descriptions of professional profiles among private and public bodies.

We tried to overcome our national problems deepening this specific field by interviewing two sound technicians experts in Vicenza: Yvan Battaglia and Stefano Perissinotto with the aim of a better understanding about education, professional training and their thoughts on the projects.

We explained the project and they showed a special interest, because they know precisely that there are many things to adjust in Italy in this specific labour market and, in particular, they hope that thanks to an „European incentive“ things will change and their profession will be well recognized.

They took a look at the TeBeVAT tools and materials such as Validation Tool, Competence Matrix, Portfolio etc. and wanted to be informed about new findings in the future.