The BF/M in Bayreuth started the next application round with its consortium of partners from Great Britain (despite Brexit), Belgium, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany and received permission of the national agencies to conduct the TeBeVAT 2 project. Due the results of the past EU project, all fields of competences of the event technology occupation can now be validated. This means: someone who acquired skills in informal learn and working contexts and herewith performs a professional job will be examined with the help of empirical methods. This should show in how far these evident competences are similar to official IHK test results. There are other official evaluation authorities in partner countries, but the integrated competence matrix and an addition from other European educational research projects make a concrete comparison possible. From a European point of view it would be ideal if validated results from all partner countries could receive a formal occupation recognition in all partner countries.

This will be a part of the result of this TeBeVAT 2.0 project. Therefore, both projects are within the vivid European discussion on the freedom of labour markets, which is only beneficial for all if the profiles of applicants are clearly defined and withstand formal examination.