The current status of the project

– It will be with the current final validation tool two test surveys with one candidate made / in Germany and in Austria;
– The modules completed to date be extended by modules adapted from England
– An overview of the labor market of the newcomers in the field of sound technology is not ready yet
– A display board on the country-specific training and examination courses is not ready yet, but in work; the image previously obtained is very, very heterogeneous
of career changers, Dual System, College, University, private (non-certified) educational institutions.

At the meeting in September is a practicable for all partner nations involved validation tool „adopted“, which returns results across countries, which could lead to each national member certification.
As a result, whether it could actually lead to such legal recognitions, is completely open at the moment. Previous contact pictures with official certifiers are more restrained in their reactions. This does not meet the educational projects of the European Commisssion and the European Parliament.