TeBeVAT group in Vicenza (part II)

The German partner VPLT presented their view of the application and assessment process for achieving the TeBeVAT goals of achieving recognition of prior learning at the meeting in Vicenza on September 22nd.

The five step process would include:

1. an application and orientation phase

2. an initial assessment phase (presentation of evidence items)

3. a phase for the definition of an assessment strategy

4. a phase for the implementation of an assessment plan (resulting from the assessment strategy) which confirms and validates the evidence provided by the candidates, and

5. an assessment result that allows for partial/complete recognition through the certifying entities in the partner countries.


The candidate is guided and supported through the entire assessment process.
This structure of the assessment process was discussed with the partner organizations, refined and agreed upon.
The next steps are the exact clarification of the parts of the process.